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1 hour 10 min ago
Build: fix stack linker warning with ffmpeg on macOS

The ff_cfhd_init_vlcs() function was using a lot of stack space, which
made linker on macOS unhappy. Using heap allocation allows to silence
the warning without causing other side-effects.

Kept the patch enabled for all platforms to avoid difference in behavior
and performance on different platforms, which could make certain types
of investigation very tricky.

Differential Revision:
1 hour 16 min ago
Minor cleanup in rna override code.
1 hour 49 min ago
BLI: add comparison operators and hash functions for float3, etc.
1 hour 49 min ago
BLI: add disjoint set data structure

This can be used to find separate islands in meshes efficiently (as is
done in cycles already). Furthermore, this helps to implement some
algorithms on node trees more efficiently.
1 hour 49 min ago
Cleanup: add correct license header to tests
1 hour 49 min ago
Functions: allow multi-functions to override a hash and equals function
1 hour 49 min ago
Functions: initial hash/equals implementation for constant multi-functions
1 hour 49 min ago
Functions: Support accessing socket index of MFSocket
1 hour 49 min ago
Functions: Support getting MFSocket based on its id
1 hour 49 min ago
Functions: implement common subnetwork elimination optimization

This was the last of the three network optimizations I developed in
the functions branch. Common subnetwork elimination and constant
folding together can get rid of most unnecessary nodes.
2 hours 16 min ago
macOS: upgrade minimum required version to 10.13 High Sierra

C++17 does not work on 10.12, and Apple extended support ended for 10.12 in
October 2019.

Maniphest Tasks: T76783, T76184

Differential Revision:
3 hours 41 min ago
Cycles: support shader transparency for holdout objects

Now transparent areas of the object will render objects behind.

Fixes T78728.
4 hours 24 min ago
CMake: Fix spelling of Embree passed to find package

The spelling and capitalization of package name passed to find_package()
and find_package_handle_standard_args() needs to match.

Silences CMake warning about mismatch.

Differential Revision:
5 hours 41 min ago
Functions: add dead node removal and constant folding optimization

Those optimizations work on the multi-function network level.
Not only will they make the network evaluation faster, but they also
simplify the network a lot. That makes it easier to understand the
exported dot graph.
6 hours 43 min ago
Cleanup: fix comment
6 hours 53 min ago
Apply Modifier: support applying as shape key and keeping the modifier.

This can be useful to save the result of a cloth simulation as a
shape key without destroying the simulation, so it's possible to
e.g. re-run it to get other shapes, or simply use the new shape
key to start the simulation already in a draped state.

It also makes sense to allow applying as shape key even when the
mesh is shared, because the operation itself just adds a shape
key. To support this, split the apply operator into Apply and
Apply As Shapekey so that they can have different poll callbacks.

Differential Revision:
14 hours 44 min ago
Fix T78324: Different Sky Texture results between CPU and GPU

The problem here was numerical precision: The code calculates the angle between
sun and view direction, and the usual acos(dot(a, b)) approach for that has
poor numerical performance for almost parallel angles.

As a result, the generally tiny difference between floating point computation
between CPU and GPU was enough to make the sun vanish at different radii,
causing different results.

The new version fixes the difference by making the computation much more robust
on both platforms.
20 hours 27 min ago
BLI: simplify copy constructor of Array
20 hours 30 min ago
Cleanup: don't end description with a '.'
20 hours 32 min ago
Cleanup: fix typo
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