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1 hour 4 min ago
Add performance timing to

You can uncomment the PERFDEBUG define to get timings.
1 hour 15 min ago
Sculpt: Refactor transform code to allow incremental updates

This adds support for incremental updates in the sculpt transform
code. Now tools can define if they need the displacement applied
for the original coordinates or incrementally.

This is needed for features like elastic transform or cloth deformation
target in the transform tool.

No functional changes.

Reviewed By: sergey

Differential Revision:
Revision 26eb8d6 by Hans Goudey
6 hours 37 min ago
UI: Use decorators in volume modifiers

This is consistent with the UI for other modifier types.
7 hours 49 min ago
GPencil: Cleanup - Remove unused old shaders

These fill shaders were used with the old draw engine.
7 hours 51 min ago
Transform: Improve event detection for AutoConstrain

The event "value" is not really required since this operation works as a toogle.

This change cleans and simplifies the code.
8 hours 3 min ago
Cleanup unintentional change in rB8a2270efc52a

Note that the whole thing need to be redone/properly fixed, but this is
a bit more complicated so for now fix in rB8a2270efc52a is 'good
8 hours 15 min ago
Fix T83055: setting rna pointer properties can create bogus custom properties

This was reported in the form of the eyedropper of the 'Parent' property
creating a custom property 'parent' if self was picked.

Problem arises when certain checks for setting rna pointer properties
failed (for example: the PROP_ID_SELF_CHECK check) and then a different
code path was entered (which was only meant for IDProperties).

Problem was introduced in rBa7b3047cefcb.

To solve, now first enter the branch for rna-based pointer properties,
then perform the sanity-checks (and if these fail: dont enter the other
unrelated codepath but instead do nothing)

Maniphest Tasks: T83055

Differential Revision:
8 hours 37 min ago
Fix T82729: Crash in rna_EffectorWeight_path when object has fluid and
dynamic paint modifiers

Looks like prior to the introduction of mantaflow, the former
SmokeModifierData always had a domain initialized (even if its type was
set to None). Since mataflow, the FluidModifierData type needs to be set
to MOD_FLUID_TYPE_DOMAIN (otherwise domain is invalid)

Maniphest Tasks: T82729

Differential Revision:
8 hours 50 min ago
Fix T83046: Material change not updating in the link of an override.

Code was actually not applying any override operation over linked data.

Reasonn behind that was that if library file is saved with latest
override applied then this is not needed, since data saved for the
override in the lib file is already up to date.

But this is actually fully breaking in case someone update the lib file
of the lib file, without re-saving the libfile itself.

So now we alwaya apply overrides also on linked data.

Note that this will not fix the case where a resync is needed.
Revision 4705faf by Hans Goudey
9 hours 5 min ago
UI: Fix incorrect offset for panel label when zooming in

The panel title text intersected any buttons in the header because
the label offset retrieved from the layout code was not scaled by
the block's zoom level. Error in rB0d93bd8d63980.
9 hours 51 min ago
Fix T83020: Transform: AutoConstraint being confirmed without releasing the MMB

The transform modifiers are confirmed by releasing any button.

Thus, the operation can be falsely confirmed if the button that launched
the operation is released after the modifier has been activated.

Previously the events that confirmed the modifiers were hardcoded.

An option to fix this would be to add custom confirmation keyitens for
specific modifiers. But this can be a bit confusing and would make the
modal keymap even bigger.

So the solution here is to skip the button that launched the operation
when confirming the modifier.
12 hours 21 min ago
Fix T80970: Copy Rotation constraint incorrect under shear

Orthogonalize the constraint target's matrix before decomposing it into
Euler angles. This removes sheer, and is actually a requirement for
correct decomposition.

It's conceivable that someone has used the incorrect behaviour in a rig.
As the shear caused unpredictable flipping of the constrained object,
this is unlikely.

Reviewed By: angavrilov, sybren

Differential Revision:
12 hours 28 min ago
Cleanup: clearer marking of what was changed in GTestAddTests.cmake

Replace `Blender` with `BLENDER` so that it's more clearly a marker, and
not just the name.

No functional changes.
13 hours 11 min ago
macOS: Patch OpenImageIO's ustring for ARM.

OpenImageIO's ustring makes assumptions about the interals of
std::string which aren't true on macOS/ARM. A patch for OpenImageIO
addresses this for macOS/ARM builds only, at the expense of potentially
duplicated allocations of strings.
14 hours 3 min ago
macOS: Added new location for Homebrew.

The build script for macOS dependencies expects to find bison provided
by Homebrew under /usr/local. Since the default install location for
Homebrew changes on macOS/ARM, the script now looks at the host
architecture and switches to /opt/homebrew on Macs with Apple Silicon.
Revision 8a2270e by Bastien Montagne
14 hours 25 min ago
Fix T81265: Animation is not evaluated when collection is included into view layer.

Just tag objects in un-excluded viewlayer for animation update.
14 hours 47 min ago
Fix T82452: Outliner: Cyclic "Original ID" panel in Data API.

I cannot think of any case where we'd want to show this pointer in UI
anyway, so just tag it with `PROP_HIDDEN`.
1 day and 2 hours ago
Fluid: Updated Mantaflow source files

This update introduces two improvements from the Mantaflow repository:

(1) Improved particle sampling:
- Liquid and secondary particles are sampled more predictably. With all parameters being equal, baked particles will be computed at the exact same position during every bake.
- Before, this was not guaranteed.

(2) Sparse grid caching:
- While saving grid data to disk, grids will from now on be saved in a sparse structure whenever possible (e.g. density, flame but not levelsets).
- With the sparse optimization grid cells with a value under the 'Empty Space' value (already present in domain settings) will not be cached.
- The main benefits of this optimization are: Smaller cache sizes and faster playback of simulation data in the viewport.
- This optimization works 'out-of-the-box'. There is no option in the UI to enable it.
- For now, only smoke simulation grids will take advantage of this optimization.
1 day and 2 hours ago
UI: Allow theming the alternate row color in the sequencer

Previously, the alternate row color in the Video Sequence Editor was
just a shaded version of the editor's background color. This makes it
theme-able just like in the file browser and outliner, although the
default color is very slightly different.

Differential Revision:
1 day and 3 hours ago
Fix Edit Face Set operator not being cancelled when the cursor is not over the mesh

If the cursor is not over the mesh, the operator was still using the
last Face Set ID updated by the drawing cursor code when the cursor was
over the mesh.

This now cancels the operator instead of modifying a Face Set that will
look random to the user.

Reviewed By: sergey

Differential Revision:
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