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Revision 505a19e by Julian Eisel
5 hours 44 min ago
Cleanup: Split up Window-Manager VR file (and related changes)

Splits up wm_xr.c into multiple files in their own folder:
source/blender/windowmanager/xr. So this matches how the message bus and
gizmo code have their own folder and files.

This allows better structuring and should make the code scale better.
I rather do this early on than to wait until we end up with a single,
huge file.

Also improves a bit how data is prepared and updated for drawing.
5 hours 57 min ago
UI: 3D Viewport text edit menus

- Adds select menu
- Removes undo/redo controls
- Adds delete menu
- Refactor
- Combines font and text menu

The goal is to match other edit menus better and match the text editor.
6 hours 6 min ago
UI: Remove 'Simulation' from 'Fluid Simulation' modifier

This is conistent with other modifiers and is reduntent
with the 'Simulate' menu header.
10 hours 25 min ago
Cleanup: remove unused method
Revision 6fa9047 by Hans Goudey
19 hours 19 min ago
Cleanup: Rename Panel * variables from pa to panel
1 day and 0 hours ago
Cleanup: Move Detail Operators and Dyntopo to their own files
1 day and 2 hours ago
Cleanup: Move Mask Filter and Mask Expand to their own files
1 day and 3 hours ago
Cleanup: Move Mesh Filter, Smooth and Automasking to their own files
1 day and 4 hours ago
fix (unreported): Weld Modifier: possible use of uninitialized variable
1 day and 4 hours ago
Cleanup: Move all sculpt transform functionality to its own file
1 day and 5 hours ago
Code Quality: Replace for loops with LISTBASE_FOREACH

Note this only changes cases where the variable was declared inside
the for loop. To handle it outside as well is a different challenge.

Differential Revision:
1 day and 5 hours ago
Cleanup: Including "BLI_listbase.h" for LISTBASE_FOREACH macro

These headers are not needed right away, but will be in the upcoming
1 day and 5 hours ago
Cleanup: Missing clang format in previous commit
Revision cfc8d73 by Pablo Dobarro
1 day and 5 hours ago
Cleanup: Move all Face Set functionality to its own file
Revision 63922c5 by Julian Eisel
1 day and 6 hours ago
Cleanup: Rename ExtensionRNA variables from ext to rna_ext

Makes it more clear that code using this is related to the RNA
integration of a type.
Part of T74432.

Also ran clang-format on affected files.
1 day and 7 hours ago
Fluid: Refactored caching in main Mantaflow class

This refactor cleans up code for the Manta file IO. It also improves the cache 'Replay' option.
1 day and 7 hours ago
Fluid: Refactored MANTA class

Refactored the caching system so that return values are no longer ignored. The aim of this refactor was to make the caching more robust.
1 day and 7 hours ago
Cleanup: clarification of 'name' in BKE_idtype functions

The 'name' parameter of `BKE_idtype_idcode_from_name()`, and the `str`
parameter of `idtype_get_info_from_name()`, are expected to be the
'user visible name' of an `IDTypeInfo` struct. This is made clearer in
the code by renaming those parameters to `idtype_name` and mentioning
it in the documentation of the `BKE_idtype_idcode_from_name()`

Differential Revision:
1 day and 7 hours ago
Cleanup: Animation, move AnimData API to `anim_data.c`/`BKE_anim_data.h`

The `BKE_animsys.h` and `anim_sys.c` files already had a an "AnimData
API" section. The code in that section has now been split off, and
placed into `BKE_anim_data.h` and `anim_data.c`.

All files that used to include `BKE_animsys.h` have been adjusted to
only include the animation headers they need (sometimes none).

No functional changes.
1 day and 8 hours ago
Cleanup: Fix build warning with MSVC

SubdivCCG was unknown when compiling gpuinit_exit.c
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