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Revision c0122cc by Julian Eisel
2 hours 54 min ago
Asset Browser: Don't expand top-level catalogs by default

The "All" item will be expanded of course, and the tree will also be
expanded so that the active item is visible. But feedback was that in
some setups, opening all the top-level catalogs is a bit too much. So
collapse them for a more compact default layout.

Part of T93582.
Revision 56ff954 by Julian Eisel
2 hours 54 min ago
UI: Expand tree-view items (e.g. asset catalogs) on click to activate

This actually gives a quite nice behavior in my opinion, especially for
asset catalogs, where activating a catalog makes all assets inside it or
its (grand-)child catalogs visible, so showing the child catalogs then
adds useful information. Maybe this should become a feature for
asset catalogs only, to be evaluated once the tree-view API is used in
more cases. Only asset catalogs are affected by this change right now.

Part of T93582.
3 hours 6 min ago
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/blender-v3.0-release'
3 hours 8 min ago
Blender 3.0 - version bump -> release
3 hours 8 min ago
Licenses: Attribution document for Blender 3.0

A few libraries were updated, a few were added, and a few were missing
from the previous license document.
Revision e385327 by Julian Eisel
3 hours 29 min ago
Asset Browser: Nest all catalogs under the "All" item

This makes the relation to the catalogs and the behavior more clear.

Part of T93582.
Revision fca6a9f by Julian Eisel
3 hours 29 min ago
Asset Browser: Remove home icon for "All" item

Originally this wasn't really meant to stay there permanently, but
helped giving things a nicer alignment. Others seemed to like it at
first so it stayed, but after more feedback we decided to remove it
again. The alingment is better now with the previous commit.

Part of T93582.
4 hours 0 min ago
Docs: add README for HIPEW library
4 hours 21 min ago
NanoSVG: Mention the version we use
4 hours 41 min ago
Docs: 3.0 release description for Linux appdata

Includes a typo fix for 2.93.
Revision 27b7042 by Hans Goudey
5 hours 23 min ago
Cleanup: Avoid using C++ keyword as variable name
6 hours 0 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v3.0-release'
6 hours 8 min ago
Fix missing Blender logo in Windows store package

D9681 was not properly merged to all branches, leaving a path to a non-existent
icon file in the maniphest.
6 hours 9 min ago
Fix T93560: crash with image paint undo and cycles preview render

Cycles preview rendering could free the image buffers being used by drawing in
another thread due to a race condition. This race condition was unlikely before,
but now that preview renders are started right before we draw the image in the
image editor or load it as a texture in the 3D viewport, it's likely to happen.

As we are close to release this is too risky to fix properly, just avoid freeing
the cache for preview renders instead and accept increased memory usage in some
7 hours 11 min ago
Fix (unreported): incorrect custom data layer created

Without this fix `CustomDataAttributes::create_by_move`
did not work on named attributes.
Revision a1f0f2e by Hans Goudey
7 hours 19 min ago
Cleanup: Move public docs to BKE_spline.hh header
8 hours 3 min ago
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/blender-v3.0-release'
8 hours 8 min ago
Fix `Action.asset_data["is_single_frame"]` set incorrectly

The asset metadata custom property `["is_single_frame"]` was set
incorrectly. Since this is intended for forward compatibility, including
being covered by the asset metadata indexing, it's important to have it
set correctly from the first release of Blender that includes the asset

Differential Revision:
9 hours 41 min ago
Fix: don't use `BLI_strncpy_utf8` for copying file paths

File paths can be any encoding, so using some UTF-8-specific function is
not the right way to go.
9 hours 45 min ago
Blenloader: move ghost include path from INC to TEST_INC

The Ghost dependency was added to avoid a memory leak (rBc7a1e115b507),
but since that's only for the unit tests, it's better to add the path to
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