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14 hours 18 min ago
Fluid: Updated manta pp files

Updates in the files include:
- New manta files now use an platform independent gzopen function
- Adjusted argument name for vorticity
14 hours 32 min ago
Cleanup: `make format`
14 hours 34 min ago
Fluid: More cleanup in fluid rna code

Removed scientific variable names from UI.
15 hours 3 min ago
Fix T73932: modifying keyframes in nodes fails when there is an image sequence

Image animation should not be an depsgraph node of type ANIMATION, there is
no need for it to be affected by the special casing for that.
15 hours 10 min ago
Sculpt: Pinch only in the direction perpendicular to the stroke

By pinching this way, we can fix some artifacts when sculpting following
the topology direction. It does not make much difference with dyntopo/
remesher, but I think this should improve the quality of the brush when
working with Multires.

Reviewed By: JulienKaspar, jbakker

Differential Revision:
15 hours 41 min ago
Fluid: Cleanup in fluid rna code

More descriptive names for secondary particle options.
16 hours 7 min ago
Fix T74009: `bpy.ops.outliner.orphans_purge()` poll being too restrictive.

There is no reason to even require an editor at all here, for now just
kept the 'orphan view needed' condition for the outliner case only.
16 hours 41 min ago
Fix for Fix (c) : Normals Edit modifier using unititialized array of normals...

Own mistake in recent rBcfdb5b9a8b07.
17 hours 5 min ago
Fix T72751: Timeline crash from overridden scene.

Depsgraph RNA pointer would generate infinite loop in override comparisons.

Depsgraph pointer should never be considered here anyway, this is purely
runtime data.
17 hours 43 min ago
Fluid: Fix typo that was made in 4453509d83dc
18 hours 9 min ago
Fix T73770: Mantaflow is unable to bake fluid simulations on non-ASCII file paths

Some fluid cache functions were not using Blender's more secure BLI_gzopen() function. On Windows there are some special cases which this function can handle compared to the plain gzopen().
20 hours 20 min ago
readfile: Move ID refcounting to libquery.

Having that extra ID users handling at readfile level, besides generic
one ensured by libquery, has been something bothering me for a long time
(had to fix my share of bugs due to mismatches between those two areas).

Further more, work on undo speedup will require even more complex ID
refcount management if we want to keep it in readfile.c area.

So idea is instead to generalize what we did for linked data already
when undoing: recompute properly usercount numbers after liblink step,
for all IDs.

Note that extra time required here is neglectable in a whole .blend file
reading (few extra milliseconds when loading a full production scene

* Some deprecated data (IPOs) are not refcounted at all anymore, this
should not be an issue in pratice since the are supposed to get deleted
after doversion anyway.
* Refcounting happens after `do_versions_after_linking`, i.e those
functions won't get valid ID usercounts currently. Again, this is not a
problem in current code, if needed we could recompute refcount before,
and then ensure `do_versions_after_linoiing()` actually handles properly
usercount, which it does not currently.

Differential Revision:
20 hours 22 min ago
Fix T68878: Update shapekeys during transformation

Only use the hack in `key_block_get_data` for the bmesh shapekey.
The remaining shapekeys can use the original offset values.

Differential Revision:
20 hours 48 min ago
Fix T73941: Custom normals from normal edit modifier ignored by further modifiers.

This commit actually fixes several issues in this modifier, but main one
from the report was caused by adding a `CD_NORMAL` layer to loops to
store temp real clnors. Unless we plan on modifying the topology itself,
this is useless, and would require some additional 'dirty normals'
tagging to work properly, so just switched to simpler, cleaner solution
of having a local array of computed clnors.
21 hours 6 min ago
Fix T73938: Cycles Vertex Color wrong if no layer is specified

The node would render black in this case (but should use the
'active_render' layer choosen in the object data properties -- this is
now in line to how this is handled for e.g. UVs)

This introduces ATTR_STD_VERTEX_COLOR and uses this thoughout, if no
particular layer is specified in the node.

Maniphest Tasks: T73938

Differential Revision:
21 hours 27 min ago
Subdiv: Clarify Subdiv settings

The actual naming might also be a subject to change, especially the one
around `level`. Tricky part here is that at some point in the API there
will be change from Blender modifier's Quality to OpenSubdiv's Level,
but which API level is most suitable for this?

At least now meaning of settings is better documented ans should be
clear what's going on.
21 hours 35 min ago
Fix make deps OSL build on some systems with Qt libraries
23 hours 9 min ago
Fix T73859: Support executing sculpt.set_pivot_position without invoke

Reviewers: brecht
1 day and 4 hours ago
Cleanup: assign Main, use existing assignments

Avoid accessing inline since it's often used multiple times.

In some cases it was already defined.
1 day and 5 hours ago
BLI_math: unify zero area checks for barycentric weight calculation

This applies the change from T73348 fix to related functions.

Instead of checking against an epsilon to avoid divide by zero,
perform the division and check the result is finite.

This is needed since small faces can have an area under 'FLT_EPSILON',
and dividing by values close to zero can result in 'inf'.
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