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Revision fdb2c24 by Christoph Lendenfeld (master)
March 1, 2021, 15:23 (GMT)
Cleanup: move some drawing code into ed_draw.c

Move some drawing code from `area.c` and `ed_util.c` into `ed_draw.c`.
This is to support the new generic slider that wil be used in T81785.

No functional changes.

Reviewed By: #animation_rigging, #user_interface, Severin, sybren

Maniphest Tasks: T81785

Differential Revision:

Commit Details:

Full Hash: fdb2c24c097d9a4613493659533863efc3c6f809
Parent Commit: 3649b5b
Committed By: Sybren A. Stvel
Lines Changed: +402, -336

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