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Revision a181122 by Thomas Dinges (master)
August 9, 2013, 18:47 (GMT)
Cycles / Non-Progressive integrator:
* Non-Progressive integrator is now available on the GPU (CUDA, sm_20 and above).

Implementation details:
* kernel_path_trace() has been split up into two functions:
kernel_path_trace_non_progressive() and kernel_path_trace_progressive().

* We compile two CUDA kernel entry functions (in for the two integrators, they are still inside one .cubin file but due to the kernel separation there should be no performance problem. I tested with the BMW file on my Geforce 540M and the render times were the same for 100 samples (1.57 min in my case).

This is part of my GSoC project, SVN merge of r59032 + manual merge of UI changes for this from my branch.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: a18112249d826046fd7d8692571a0eab5bb5ec04
SVN Revision: 59034
Parent Commit: 2ab9cbd
Lines Changed: +103, -46

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