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Revision 644a696 by Philip Luk (cycles_unbiased_volumes)
August 18, 2019, 22:24 (GMT)
Handle Y-Up to Z-Up attribute string in MOD_meshsequencecache

1. Handle the yup_to_zup_attrs_str parameter in the MeshSequenceCache modifier.

2. This fixes an issue where animation wasn't applied, as a consequence to the previous change when the yup_to_zup_attrs_vec was introduced, since the yup_to_zup_attrs_str data wasn't being applied by applyModifier().

3. Make the appropriate RNA_def_property() calls for "import_attrs", and "yup_to_zup_attrs_str". Also add them to DNA_cachefile_types.h

4. Set maximum length of the yup_to_zup_attrs_str to 1024. 2048 is a little excessive.

5. Disable Ui for yup_to_zup_attrs_str when import_attrs is not enabled.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 644a696eab4e9e47b0ec8b6b56d702a6e56df972
Parent Commit: 6605e70
Lines Changed: +62, -13

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