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Revision 8d0c01e by Campbell Barton (master)
September 14, 2010, 16:45 (GMT)
keyconfig updates/changes
- use preset subclass with funcs for updating the keyconfig
- keyconfig filenames are used for the UI names as with presets (so separation anymore)
- keyconfig's are stored in the preset dir (scripts/cfg dir removed)
- only the active keyconfig script is loaded
- some bugfixes for saving keymaps
- user interactions no longer saves keyconfigs too, I think this needs to be re-worked.

developer note...
multiple keyconfigs at once are not really needed now that they are stored & accessed directly in python.
for now I left it alone but we could consider to remove this capability in the future.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 8d0c01e6e27caf4e1c28e838b9d0d7efad9b0ed2
SVN Revision: 31926
Parent Commit: ce98d6a
Lines Changed: +150, -76

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