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Erik Abrahamsson (erik85)

Total Commits : 28
Master Commits : 21
Branch Commits : 7
First Commit : September 12, 2019
Latest Commit : September 24, 2021

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September, 20214
August, 20212
July, 20213
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Revision be16794 by Erik Abrahamsson / Hans Goudey (master)
September 24, 2021, 17:41 (GMT)
Geometry Nodes: String to Curves Node

This commit adds a node that generates a text paragraph as curve
instances. The inputs on the node control the overall shape of the
paragraph, and other nodes can be used to move the individual instances
afterwards. To output more than one line, the "Special Characters" node
can be used.

The node outputs instances instead of real geometry so that it doesn't
have to duplicate work for every character afterwards. This is much
more efficient, because all of the curve evaluation and nodes like fill
curve don't have to repeat the same calculation for every instance of
the same character.

In the future, the instances component will support attributes, and the
node can output attribute fields like "Word Index" and "Line Index".

Differential Revision:
Revision 5c0017e by Erik Abrahamsson / Hans Goudey (master)
September 24, 2021, 16:00 (GMT)
Geometry Nodes: Special string characters node

This patch adds a new node called "Special Characters" with two string
outputs: "Line Break" and "Tab". This is necessary because the newline
character cannot be easily typed with a keyboard, but is necessary for
the string to curve node.

Differential Revision:
Revision 29e3545 by Erik Abrahamsson / Hans Goudey (master)
September 21, 2021, 19:11 (GMT)
Geometry Nodes: String manipulation nodes

This patch adds four new nodes to a new "Text" category:
- String Length: Outputs length of a string
- String Substring: Outputs part of a string
- Value to String: Converts a value to a string
- String Join: Concatenates multiple strings with a delimiter

The initial use case of these nodes is the upcoming string to curve
node. However, they could also be used to calculate dynamic attribute
names, or with string attributes in the future.

Differential Revision:
Revision 5a02d0d by Erik Abrahamsson / Sebastin Barschkis (master)
September 6, 2021, 15:30 (GMT)
Fluid: Parallelizations for Mantaflow functions (D12002)

This update includes part of a performance boost from D12002.
Contributed by @erik85
Revision fa4a35d by Erik Abrahamsson / Campbell Barton (master)
August 31, 2021, 07:21 (GMT)
Measure tool: Add support to restrict dimension to one axis

Support axis constraints for the measure tool.

Press X, Y or Z to restrict the dimension to that axis,
it's also possible to toggle between orientations matching transform.

Reviewed By: campbellbarton

Ref D10872
Revision a71d2b2 by Erik Abrahamsson / Hans Goudey (master)
August 30, 2021, 04:27 (GMT)
Geometry Nodes: Curve Fill Node

This node takes a curve geometry input and creates a filled mesh at Z=0
using a constrained Delaunay triangulation algorithm. Because of the
choice of algorithm, the results should be higher quality than the
filling for 2D curve objects.

This commit adds an initial fairly simple version of the node, but more
features may be added in the future, like transferring attributes when
necessary, or an index attribute input to break up the calculations
into smaller chunks to improve performance.

Differential Revision:
July 30, 2021, 14:51 (GMT)
Speed up Delaunay raycast.

From Erik Abrahamsson, this uses parallel loops for raycasting.
It speeds up one example with many crossings of a bezier curve,
from 0.68s to 0.28s.
Revision 24801e0 by Erik Abrahamsson / Howard Trickey (master)
July 18, 2021, 16:13 (GMT)
Speed up Delaunay raycast.

From Erik Abrahamsson, this uses parallel loops for raycasting.
It speeds up one example with many crossings of a bezier curve,
from 0.68s to 0.28s.
Revision ceff86a by Erik Abrahamsson / Howard Trickey (master)
July 5, 2021, 22:09 (GMT)
Various Exact Boolean parallelizations and optimizations.

From patch D11780 from Erik Abrahamsson.
It parallelizes making the vertices, destruction of map entries,
finding if the result is PWN, finding triangle adjacencies,
and finding the ambient cell.
The latter needs a parallel_reduce from tbb, so added one into
BLI_task.hh so that if WITH_TBB is false, the code will still work.

On Erik's 6-core machine, the elapsed time went from 17.5s to 11.8s
(33% faster) on an intersection of two spheres with 3.1M faces.
On Howard's 24-core machine, the elapsed time went from 18.7s to 10.8s
for the same test.
Revision 258fc99 by Erik Abrahamsson / Dilith Jayakody (soc-2021-curves)
June 21, 2021, 14:31 (GMT)
Windows: Use TBBMalloc for GMP

TBBmalloc_proxy already takes care of any allocations
being done from MSVC compiled code, some of the dependencies
like GMP cannot be build with MSVC and we have to use
mingw to build them. mingw however links against the older
msvcrt.dll for its allocation needs, which TBBMallocProxy
does not hook.

GMP has an option to supply your own allocation functions
so we can still manually redirect them to TBBMalloc.

In a test-file with a boolean geometry node, this patch
uses 32s effective CPU time compared to 52s before.

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Campbell Barton, Ray Molenkamp

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