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Revision e1963dd by Benoit Bolsee (decklink)
February 20, 2016, 20:17 (GMT)
BGE: undo view matrix scaling but keep axis inverting.

Previous commit 9d18fd11 introduced the possibility to scale the modelview
matrix by setting a scale on the camera but this caused undesirable lighting
and dynamic side effects.
This commit reverts the scaling effect but keeps the axis inversion effect,
which was the purpose of the first commit anyway.
A negative/positive scale on the camera is applied respectively as -1/+1 scale
on the modelview matrix.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: e1963ddc30476e4f9a833b0ab1f90ef6ce895d9b
Parent Commit: 7fe43f0
Lines Changed: +8, -2

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