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Revision b733d44 by Mike Erwin (GPU_data_request)
April 28, 2015, 23:45 (GMT)
WIP: fancy wireframe display

Exploring some possibilities with wireframe rendering beyond solid

New effect: color edges based on angle between the faces joined. Loose
edges, perimeter edges, and edges joining 3+ faces are colored

Some of this code will move to Workflow Shaders. Other parts will move
to DerivedMesh data requests â?? AdjacentFaces (struct) and/or angle made
by adjacent faces (float).

The (incomplete) shader version uses VertexBufferâ??s generic attribute
API, which we want to switch everything to eventually. There is a GLSL
vertex shader *not* included in this commit because I donâ??t know where
to put itâ?¦

The CPU version is temporary â?? itâ??s equivalent to the shader setup +
matching GLSL shader.

This particular effect is view independent, so can be done CPU-side
once and drawn many times. Other effects Iâ??m working on are view
dependent, so really need the setup + shader split.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: b733d44f04bd69e64ae9dec4c3fec282d08cb5bb
Parent Commit: 09076e4
Lines Changed: +125, -1

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