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Revision 59aef0a by Patrick Mours (master)
November 22, 2019, 16:30 (GMT)
Fix T71255: Particle hair not showing in viewport with OptiX after scaling

The OptiX intersection program for curves uses "optixGetObjectRayDirection"
to get the ray direction in object space (which was inverse transformed
with the current transformation matrix). OptiX does no additional operations
on it, so if there is a scaling transform, the direction is not normalized.
But the curve intersection routine expects that. In addition, the distances
used in "optixGetRayTmax()" and "optixReportIntersection()" are in world
space, so need to adjust them accordingly.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 59aef0ad5d6440e855f53db791b28076f50df2b2
Parent Commit: aadbb79
Lines Changed: +11, -4

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