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SebastiŠn Barschkis (sebbas)

Total Commits : 1 091
Master Commits : 297
Branch Commits : 794
First Commit : August 15, 2015
Latest Commit : January 13, 2021

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
January, 20214
December, 20202
November, 202016
October, 202019
September, 202013
August, 20208
July, 202030
June, 202010
May, 202030
April, 202041
March, 202032
February, 202040
January, 202043
December, 201948
November, 201933
October, 20199
September, 20199
August, 20196
July, 20195
June, 20194
May, 201914
April, 201931
March, 201911
February, 20190
January, 20190
December, 20180
November, 201817
October, 20181
September, 20180
August, 201823
July, 201810
June, 20181
May, 201823
April, 20188
March, 201813
February, 20183
January, 20180
December, 201712
November, 201723
October, 20176
September, 201712
August, 201715
July, 201728
June, 201743
May, 20177
April, 20178
March, 201729
February, 201710
January, 20170
December, 20164
November, 201615
October, 201619
September, 201619
August, 201648
July, 201630
June, 201643
May, 201633
April, 201611
March, 201645
February, 201612
January, 201622
December, 20157
November, 20150
October, 20159
September, 201522
August, 20152

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File Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit
Added1 5461.4
Modified4 5174.1
Deleted1 5321.4

Code Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit
Lines Added45 44149.0
Lines Removed33 83036.5

Latest commits Feed

Revision 0b711e6 by SebastiŠn Barschkis (master)
January 13, 2021, 08:49 (GMT)
Fluid: Updated Mantaflow source files

Includes minor fixes / cleanups from the viscosity plugin.
Revision fe53b6a by SebastiŠn Barschkis (master)
January 11, 2021, 11:55 (GMT)
Fluid: Adjusted viscosity strength step size in UI

Step size was too small.
Revision 5b90ed6 by SebastiŠn Barschkis (master)
January 10, 2021, 18:16 (GMT)
Fluid: Fix cache saving issue with OpenVDB IO

Fixes issue where files would not be written when 'resumable' option was checked.
Revision 30310a4 by SebastiŠn Barschkis (master)
January 10, 2021, 18:16 (GMT)
Fix T83777: Crash when enabling guides

Also adjusted adjusted guiding UI parameters so that guiding will not get invalidated when changing domain values.
Revision 635694c by SebastiŠn Barschkis (master)
December 23, 2020, 14:48 (GMT)
Fluid: Added new viscosity solver

Mainly updated the Mantaflow version. It includes the new viscosity solver plugin based on the method from 'Accurate Viscous Free Surfaces for Buckling, Coiling, and Rotating Liquids' (Batty & Bridson).

In the UI, this update adds a new 'Viscosity' section to the fluid modifier UI (liquid domains only). For now, there is a single 'strength' value to control the viscosity of liquids.
Revision 6f22a53 by SebastiŠn Barschkis (master)
December 6, 2020, 20:56 (GMT)
Fluid: Updated Mantaflow source files

Includes outflow optimization - might have been the cause of instabilities.
Revision e09d0c0 by SebastiŠn Barschkis (master)
November 25, 2020, 22:18 (GMT)
Fluid: Updated Mantaflow source files

This update introduces two improvements from the Mantaflow repository:

(1) Improved particle sampling:
- Liquid and secondary particles are sampled more predictably. With all parameters being equal, baked particles will be computed at the exact same position during every bake.
- Before, this was not guaranteed.

(2) Sparse grid caching:
- While saving grid data to disk, grids will from now on be saved in a sparse structure whenever possible (e.g. density, flame but not levelsets).
- With the sparse optimization grid cells with a value under the 'Empty Space' value (already present in domain settings) will not be cached.
- The main benefits of this optimization are: Smaller cache sizes and faster playback of simulation data in the viewport.
- This optimization works 'out-of-the-box'. There is no option in the UI to enable it.
- For now, only smoke simulation grids will take advantage of this optimization.
Revision 957f14a by SebastiŠn Barschkis (master)
November 18, 2020, 14:39 (GMT)
Merge branch 'blender-v2.91-release'
Revision 4edaa79 by SebastiŠn Barschkis (master)
November 18, 2020, 14:38 (GMT)
Fluid: Revert changes from T82488

Scaling of forces needs more work. Before making changes to them it would be nice to have a setup, that works physically correct across multiple modifiers (cloth, rigid bodies, fluid).

This will be a to do for 2.92.
Revision 9877321 by SebastiŠn Barschkis (master)
November 12, 2020, 13:04 (GMT)
Merge branch 'blender-v2.91-release'

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