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"Greasepencil-refactor" branch

Total commits : 5 538
Total committers : 20
First Commit : March 3, 2017
Latest Commit : January 19, 2020 (Today)

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
January, 2020261
December, 2019252
November, 2019305
October, 201998
September, 201970
August, 201990
July, 2019278
June, 2019164
May, 201981
April, 201957
March, 201975
February, 201938
January, 2019106
December, 2018192
November, 201871
October, 201814
September, 201830
August, 2018133
July, 2018369
June, 2018311
May, 2018310
April, 2018147
March, 2018193
February, 2018213
January, 2018190
December, 2017180
November, 2017205
October, 2017139
September, 201779
August, 2017147
July, 2017169
June, 2017178
May, 201797
April, 201773
March, 2017223


AuthorNumber of Commits
Antonio Vazquez4 108
Joshua Leung401
Nick Wu247
Clément Foucault164
Charlie Jolly78
Sebastian Parborg71
Campbell Barton55
Dalai Felinto38
Sergey Sharybin9
Bastien Montagne8
Philipp Oeser3
Brecht Van Lommel2
Pablo Vazquez2
Bill Currie1
Julian Eisel1
Lukas Stockner1
Lukas W1

Popular Files

FilenameTotal Edits

Latest commits Feed

58 minutes ago
Merge branch 'greasepencil-object' into greasepencil-refactor
59 minutes ago
Merge branch 'master' into greasepencil-object
1 hour 0 min ago
GPencil: Test modifiers Tint and Hue/Saturation to use material if the Vertex color is not active.
1 hour 0 min ago
GPencil: Fix error in convert to Vertex Color

It was not checking if the alpha of tha material was > 0 to detect if Fill and/or Stroke material.
1 hour 33 min ago
GPencil: Fix Color properties using sRGB

The colors were wrong because now all is Linear.
1 hour 44 min ago
GPencil: Move opacity factor to stroke from runtime

If the modifier is applied, need to be in the stroke.

Note: Maybe we need to active this value in some sculpt brush to define the opacity of the Fill, because when you apply the modiifer, you can only replace the value using the modifier again. Other solution would be a reset opacity operator.
1 hour 58 min ago
GPencil: Fix Opacity modifier for Fill

Now the modifier is able to apply opacity to the Fill area as it was in previous versions.
16 hours 7 min ago
GPencil: Refactor: Reuse GPENCIL_MaterialPool across multiple objects

This minimize the number of UBO we create and the number of UBO switching
we have to do to render each objects.
1 day and 1 hour ago
GPencil: Fix slow calculation in Edit transformations

Now the triangulation is only calculated once by stroke, not for each point.
1 day and 2 hours ago
GPencil: Fix color modifiers

With new draw engine implementation the old system did not work.
1 day and 6 hours ago
Merge branch 'greasepencil-object' into greasepencil-refactor
1 day and 6 hours ago
Merge branch 'master' into greasepencil-object
1 day and 6 hours ago
GPencil: New evaluation of derived frames and Filling calculation

As grease pencil was created before depgraph, it was using a custom solution to create derived data to apply modifiers on top. With the new refactor of the drawing engine, we need to have the runtime data at datablock (bGPdata) level to share between instances, but also we neeed to have separated eval data because different objects can use different modifiers (equals to actual mesh_eval logic). The old derived frame array solution is not valid anymore.

The initial idea was to make a full copy of the datablock in a separated eval copy, but testing this solution, it was very slow, so now, the full copy is only done once, and later, only the active frame data is updated (see note below).

In a future development, the ideal solution would calculate all frames at the same time and only copy again if something changes, but now this change is out of scope. I have been performing tests and with this "only active frame" copy,

Also, this solution simplifies several areas of the code, because now it's not necessary to deal with derived frame array, and just use datablock as is.

This update also includes the following:

* How the filling information is managed. Before, the triangulation data was created only during drawing process, and it was not saved. With the new engine, this information must be available always, so instead to calculate in drawing time, now the information is saved and generated or updated each time the stroke is modified. To have the filling information calculated improves FPS and simplify drawing and modifier evaluation code.

* Remove unused parameters related to old Filling calculation logic. This also simplifies the UI panels.

* Added simplify modifier options. This was removed, but after last changes it's good to have as before.

Differential Revision: https://developer.blender.org/D6597
1 day and 17 hours ago
GPencil: Refactor: Speedup: Add drawcall merging of consecutive strokes

This reduces driver & DRW overhead when a lot of strokes are drawn with
the same material pool.
1 day and 20 hours ago
Merge branch 'greasepencil-refactor' into temp-gpencil-eval
1 day and 20 hours ago
Merge branch 'greasepencil-object' into greasepencil-refactor
1 day and 20 hours ago
Merge branch 'master' into greasepencil-object
January 17, 2020, 16:43 (GMT)
Cleanup: Fix comment
January 17, 2020, 15:38 (GMT)
Merge branch 'greasepencil-refactor' into temp-gpencil-eval
January 17, 2020, 15:38 (GMT)
GPencil: Fix subversion patch number

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