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45 minutes ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.93-release'
48 minutes ago
Fix T87582: incorrect interpolation from edge to corner domain
1 hour 10 min ago
Geometry Nodes: warn when output attribute has not been saved
1 hour 11 min ago
Fix T87661: Attribute Combine XYZ node can't overwrite existing attribute
3 hours 38 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.93-release'
3 hours 48 min ago
Modifiers: Performance Simple Deformation

Use multiprocessing with simple deform modifiers.

Master 2.92 fps this patch 3.13 fps on Ryzen 1700X With Vega 64 GPU.

3970X: 2.85 fps -> 2.95 fps
3990X: 3.15 fps -> 3.41 fps
3995WX: 3.21 fps -> 3.38 fps

Reviewed By: jbakker

Differential Revision:
3 hours 51 min ago
Fix T78845: Eevee wrong material selection.

In cases where the same node tree is used in different materials with
small changes, the wrong material could be selected.

Cause: Hair shaders GPU resources weren't updated and used the previous bound data.

Reviewed By: fclem

Differential Revision:
4 hours 29 min ago
Fix T86765: Custom properties are included in `__dir__`

Remove custom properties from `__dir__` method result since these
can't be accessed using `__getattr__`.

Introduced in the 2.5x Python API update.
8 hours 47 min ago
Fix T86566: Do Not Close if File Cannot Be Saved

If saving a file using CloseSave dialog, do not close if there is an error doing so, like if read-only.

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Julian Eisel
8 hours 57 min ago
UI: Join or Close Any Screen Area

Corner action zones allow joining any neighbors. New 'Area Close' operator. Improved Header Context Menu.

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Campbell Barton
10 hours 22 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.93-release'
10 hours 23 min ago
Fix for building with MSVC
11 hours 52 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.93-release'
12 hours 52 min ago
Fix T86170: Memory leak clearing the Python instance for COW id data

As Python can access COW ID's, ensure it's instance is kept on update.

This could happen when the "Use Self" argument was enabled for a driver.
12 hours 52 min ago
Cleanup: quiet clang-tidy warning
Revision 47892d6 by Julian Eisel
18 hours 9 min ago
Fix too big grid plane for Add Object tool on Retina displays

The grid plane was drawn too big on retina displays compared to other screens,
because the factor was multiplied by the native pixel-size, which is 2 for
Retina displays.
Revision 6ebe0b8 by Julian Eisel
18 hours 29 min ago
Assets: Correct name of own recently added BPY functions

Makes the functions (introduced in 557b3d2762a6) follow existing naming
conventions for the API.

`bpy.types.ID.mark_asset` to `bpy.types.ID.asset_mark`
`bpy.types.ID.clear_asset` to `bpy.types.ID.asset_clear`
Revision bbb52a4 by Falk David
18 hours 52 min ago
Fix T87688: Crash entering valid text into number field

When the user entered a driver expression like `#frame` into a number
field, Blender would crash sometime after. This is because
e1a9ba94c599 did not handle this case properly and ignored the fact
that the user can enter text into the field.

The fix makes sure that we only cancel if the value is a *number* equal
to the previous value in the field.

Note that this could also be handled by `ui_but_string_set` which would
be a bit nicer potentially. However, I was unable to find a clean way of
passing `data->startvalue` into that function. `uiHandleButtonData` is
only known locally inside `interface_handlers.c`.

Reviewed By: Severin

Maniphest Tasks: T87688

Differential Revision:
Revision d1ccc5b by Hans Goudey
21 hours 35 min ago
Geometry Nodes: Add initializer for attribute creation

Previously we always had to set attribute values after creating
the attribute. This patch adds an initializer argument to
`attribute_try_create` which can fill it in a few ways, which
are explained in code comments.

This fixes T87597.

Differential Revision:
22 hours 31 min ago
Fix T87701: debug assert generating scene preview render
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