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9 minutes ago
UI: Rename 'View Frame' to 'Go to Current Frame'

In our animation editors, we have a feature called View Frame. Problem is, it is not self evident what this feature does. Does it show frame numbers? Does it show all frames? Does it frame the view? Does it frame the view?

What this does, is it moves the view to where the playhead is. With clearer naming, we can communicate this much more clearly.

This is just a simple patch that changes the name from 'View Frame' -> 'Go to Current Frame'.

Differential Revision:
13 minutes ago
UI: Consolidate masking-related brush controls

In the brush properties, some masking-related controls are currently available as a sub-panel in the Options panel, while others are in the Mask panel. I want to generally lessen the amount of controls in generic 'options' panels, since it's non-descriptive and rather a rather random grab bag of various controls. Better to group things in terms of their functionality with descriptive names.

This change consolidates the masking-related controls under one panel.

Differential Revision:

Reviewers: Pablo Dobarro, Julien Kaspar
1 hour 24 min ago
UI: Change 'Lock Time to Other Windows' > 'Sync Visible Range' + add to Sequencer

As pointed out by user @Peter Fog (tintwotin):

The current name for this property is wrong for two reasons:

- Because it makes incorrect use of the term 'window' (in Blender these are called 'editors')
- 'Lock Time' is incorrect, because it has nothing to do with locking the time at all. In Blender, the time is already locked and always the same across editors, no matter what. This property only syncs the visible range, which is something quite different.
For this reason, this is changed to 'Sync Visible Range' instead. I also added a tooltip, which was completely missing.

This patch also adds this property to the Sequencer, where it was missing.

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Julian Eisel
12 hours 59 min ago
UI: Fix Hover Flickering on Selected Items

Removes hover highlight from already-selected UI items to remove unintended flickering.

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Campbell Barton
13 hours 10 min ago
UI: Area Duplicate Icon

Changes the icon used for 'duplicate into new window' to a new one created for this purpose.

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Julian Eisel
17 hours 10 min ago
Bugfix for T69413

Fixes the invisible scrollbar when opening preferences by 'Editor Type' by always creating scrollbars for V2D_COMMONVIEW_PANELS_UI objects.

This removes a fix (T47047) for dpi issues when dragging out the toolbox. The new toolbox in 2.8 does not seem to have the same DPI issues.

Exact steps for others to reproduce scrollbar invisible (T69413):
change the 3d viewport to preferences and go to addons. The scrollbar will not be visible

To verify there are no DPI issues:
Apply the patch and open blender. Hide the toolbar. Split the 3d view port into 4 windows, such that one is very small horizontally, another is very small vertically, and a third is small in both directions. Drag out the toolbar arrow on all four viewports. The Toolbar will be the same size in each. For further verification, adjust the scaling and repeat.

Also this is my first time submitting a patch. Some instruction is welcome!

Reviewed By: #user_interface, Severin

Maniphest Tasks: T69413

Differential Revision:
Revision c68c160 by Julian Eisel
17 hours 23 min ago
UI: Hide empty Tool-Header in Rendering workspace (Image Editor)

Fixes T71509
Revision 8fc68a2 by Gaia Clary
17 hours 55 min ago
Fix T69090: Collada Exporter now exports the base color if Nodes are disabled

I also changed the Collada importer scuh that the diffuse Alpha is now set
for the generated PBSDF Shader AND for the base color.

Note: we can not export the base color AND the color
from the PBSDF Shaders at the same time. And when importing
we do not know if the color was originally coming from a base
material or from a shader. Setting them both in import seems
to give the most consistent results.
Revision 084f072 by Julian Eisel
17 hours 56 min ago
Fix T73191: Buttons in lower left of Preferences broken

I'm still not entirely sure what was going on - I know that the execute
region didn't get initialized correctly, but doing that at a later point
didn't fix the issue. Apparently forcing the header region to
re-initialize does fix it, even though I was sure this was redundant.

Also fixes a memory leak in UI code after preferences were opened.
18 hours 20 min ago strip trailing punctuation from version numbers

Encountered this issue when enabling more libraries.
19 hours 41 min ago fix versions such as 1.6_RC2 failing to compare

This is stripped off since it causes an error when evaluating
the strings as numbers.
Revision 412179b by Julian Eisel
20 hours 0 min ago
Cleanup: Rename ED_region_init() -> ED_region_floating_initialize()

This function is a very special refresh function just for floating
regions. _initialize is more consistent with ED_area_initialize() so use
that too.

Also adds assert.
20 hours 16 min ago
Revert " fix ffmpeg package installation on Arch"

This reverts commit 3cb212602cacc186800c82febc86f5c68c1f92fb.

The root cause was IFS being set incorrectly.
20 hours 16 min ago fix IFS being incorrect when a version check fails

This caused quoting to fail later on.
20 hours 17 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.82-release'
20 hours 24 min ago
Fix wrong DNA alignment on arm{el,hf} and mipsel

Technically, pointers are to be padded with followup pointer.
20 hours 53 min ago
VSE: Tool system integration

Add toolbar to sequencer regions.

A bit of refactoring has to be done in RNA space.
Currently there is only cut tool implemented to serve as template for
anybody who would like to add more.
Revision ba8de85 by Julian Eisel
21 hours 0 min ago
PLY Import: Hide empty operator properties sidebar in file browser

The sidebar is empty for the PLY importer, so better to hide it.
Revision f559e39 by Julian Eisel
21 hours 0 min ago
Alembic & Collada: Show sidebar by default in file browser

Importers/exporters should show the sidebar by default (if they have
any settings). For some reason this was missing for the Alembic and
Collada exporters.
21 hours 8 min ago fix ffmpeg package installation on Arch

A blank space at the start of the string caused the list to be quoted
as a single argument.
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