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Total commits : 2 664
Total committers : 52
First Commit : November 25, 2013
Latest Commit : January 9, 2019

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January, 20191
December, 201818
November, 201831
October, 20180
September, 20180
August, 201851
July, 20184
June, 20182
May, 20184
April, 20185
March, 201818
February, 201844
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AuthorNumber of Commits
Martin Felke1 231
Sergey Sharybin491
Campbell Barton330
Bastien Montagne191
Brecht Van Lommel99
Joshua Leung35
Lukas Stockner33
Lukas Toenne32
Philipp Oeser16
Antony Riakiotakis16
Julian Eisel16
Mai Lavelle15
jens verwiebe12
Sybren A. Stüvel12
Dalai Felinto11
Martijn Berger9
Gaia Clary8
Tamito Kajiyama6
Aleksandr Zinovev5
Philipp Oeser5
Porteries Tristan5
Thomas Dinges5
Alexander Gavrilov4
Joerg Mueller4
Kévin Dietrich4
Sebastian Koenig4
Sergej Reich4
Stefan Werner4
Antonio Vazquez3
Arto Kitula3
Mike Erwin3
Mitchell Stokes3
Aaron Carlisle2
Germano Cavalcante2
Howard Trickey2
Jorge Bernal2
Thomas Beck2
Alexander Romanov1
Anthony Edlin1
bassam kurdali1
Carlo Andreacchio1
Daniel Salazar1
Dmitry Dygalo1
Hristo Gueorguiev1
Inês Almeida1
Jeroen Bakker1
José Luis Oliveira Cunha1
JT Nelson1
Scott Wu1
Ton Roosendaal1
Ulysse Martin1

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January 9, 2019, 17:45 (GMT)
animated mesh rotation fix
December 29, 2018, 22:31 (GMT)
expose shard neighbors via RNA
December 21, 2018, 15:33 (GMT)
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into fracture_modifier-2.8

# Conflicts:
# release/scripts/addons
# release/scripts/addons_contrib
# source/blender/blenkernel/BKE_rigidbody.h
# source/blender/blenkernel/intern/rigidbody.c
# source/blender/depsgraph/intern/builder/
# source/blender/editors/physics/rigidbody_constraint.c
# source/blender/makesrna/intern/rna_rigidbody.c
December 12, 2018, 22:50 (GMT)
probably it is not necessary to clear the cache on every rna property change

like changing autohide / automerge parameters which are considered live postprocess steps caused the mesh to disappear when not on cache startframe.
December 12, 2018, 21:16 (GMT)
temporarily bringing back the legacy subsurf code for performance reasons

opensubdivs subdivision code has currently an abysmal performance and is thus not yet
really usable, especially with many ngons and variable topology in animations.
After opensubdivs performance issues have been fixed, this legacy code can go again.
Not before.
December 12, 2018, 20:38 (GMT)
re-added metaball remesher and deform motionblur in cycles for it and FM
December 12, 2018, 14:40 (GMT)
added testwise threaded fracture via openmp

after more testing this might be converted to task, but works ok already, and added only
trivial changes to the code
December 12, 2018, 14:38 (GMT)
submodule pointers.. yawn
December 12, 2018, 14:36 (GMT)
fixed some memory leaks, removed unused "reset" parameter in fracture operator

also for now disabled "Geometry limitation tree", intent was to accelerate voronoi + bisect
by only processing "necessary" new geometry (and omitting unchanged), but doesnt work correctly
December 10, 2018, 16:28 (GMT)
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/blender2.8' into fracture_modifier-2.8

# Conflicts:
# source/blender/modifiers/intern/MOD_boolean.c
December 9, 2018, 22:19 (GMT)
forgot to display rigidbody settings subpanel with opengl render engine
December 9, 2018, 21:15 (GMT)
crash fix attempt when adding / removing rigidbody worlds

still issues when appending FM objects, need to re-add rigidbodies and refracture
December 9, 2018, 15:37 (GMT)
added shape-based clusters

clustergroup object with meshes will now cut out clusters according to their mesh,
make sure mesh is subdivided enough for better results
December 8, 2018, 23:55 (GMT)
fix attempt for having proper constraints with dynamic fracture again

"mixed" and "all" settings were basically not properly taken into account before
December 8, 2018, 19:13 (GMT)
added new cluster trigger propagation feature and a couple of fixes

fixes for example for split to island crashs
December 3, 2018, 21:10 (GMT)
forgot to free duplilist after usage, and re-added previously removed depsgraph relation

relation is necessary to smoothly looking continued motion after dynamic fracture
December 3, 2018, 19:14 (GMT)
attempt to add more detail for dynamic fracturing
December 2, 2018, 12:38 (GMT)
fix for external constraints (centroid)
December 1, 2018, 21:21 (GMT)
crash fix attempts for split to island function
November 30, 2018, 18:42 (GMT)
try to avoid crashes due to excessive usage of immediate draw buffer

since the buffersize is limited to 4 MB (but it effectively crashed above usage of 3 MB,
probably due to 4 bit padding), there is a hard limit of usage ratio to be taken into account. The debug drawer counts the bytes used and increases an epsilon value as softlimit
first. This filters out short lines / very close verts and reduces the buffer usage. If that is not enough, there is a hard limit at 95% buffer usage. Then line drawing is skipped.

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