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Total commits : 140
Total committers : 3
First Commit : May 25, 2019
Latest Commit : July 21, 2019

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
July, 201962
June, 201964
May, 201914


AuthorNumber of Commits
Nathan Craddock138
Nathan Craddock1
Campbell Barton1

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July 21, 2019, 02:58 (GMT)
Outliner: Fix merge element search from finding incorrect items

When selecting aggregated collections (for example) the search
menu would show many other types of data (vertex groups, materials,
modifiers, etc.) This fixes that issue.
July 20, 2019, 23:22 (GMT)
Outliner: Fix merge search menu not showing all children

The menu was not searching over the entire subtree of the
collapsed element, but it also needed information of the
parent element and type, so a struct and memory allocation were
required to pass all of the data into the popup menu.
July 20, 2019, 22:22 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into soc-2019-outliner
July 19, 2019, 21:31 (GMT)
Outliner comment cleanup
July 19, 2019, 20:50 (GMT)
Outliner: Merged icon select popup UI tweaks

Adjusted some spacing and did some cleanup to the code
July 19, 2019, 19:56 (GMT)
Outliner Cleanup: Finish renaming multi object to merged

Cleaned up the select code to use the word merged rather than
multi object for consistency
July 19, 2019, 17:34 (GMT)
Outliner Cleanup: Move merge search to outliner_tools.c

Moving to a different file because the search is a menu and that
fits in better with the code there compared to the select code.
July 19, 2019, 16:56 (GMT)
Outliner: Clear search on creation of merged element search menu

Rather than showing the last searched or selected element name
in the search button, clear each time the menu is created so
all the items are shown by default.
July 19, 2019, 16:42 (GMT)
Outliner: Draw icons in merged icon select menu

Get icon for each tree element when listing the menu
July 19, 2019, 16:33 (GMT)
Outliner: Use existing function to get unique index for element type

Just code cleanup for merged element search menu
July 19, 2019, 16:13 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into soc-2019-outliner
July 19, 2019, 04:17 (GMT)
Outliner: Show menu when clicking on aggregated iconrow icons

This is still a work in progress. The code needs to be better
and the behavior could use some improvement. It works okay for
now though.
July 19, 2019, 04:15 (GMT)
Outliner: Rename tree element flag

Renamed from MULTI to MERGED now that I see the real name in the
July 18, 2019, 17:54 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into soc-2019-outliner
July 18, 2019, 17:53 (GMT)
Outliner: Draw highlights for icons in row

This draws icon highlights when the row icons are hovered.
July 18, 2019, 17:50 (GMT)
Outliner: Fix find item at x

Now that the icons are displayed for the entire subtree, the
condition to not look past the cursor X position caused errors.
Removed and the function behaves as expected.
July 18, 2019, 04:53 (GMT)
Outliner: Search recursively for icons in row

Rather than searching just the child list, search recursively
down the tree to allow clicking on all icons.
July 18, 2019, 03:39 (GMT)
Outliner: Allow clicking on row icons

The feature to click on row icons was removed (presumably because
the icons now draw stacked with a number, rather than individually).
This brings back support for clicking because the benefits of
clicking on the icon without opening the element outweighs the con
of not being able to select grouped elements. A solution for that
is being worked on.
July 18, 2019, 00:49 (GMT)
Outliner: Show active improvements

Prevent the show active operator from scrolling beneath the
allowed scrolling range. This removes jumpy redraws after the
operator executes.

The horizontal centering is difficult, because the elements
outside the view of the outliner do not have the xend properly set
and the max width of the outliner is not properly calculated.
This means it is not possible to center the x position while
keeping the view in range of scrolling.

This could be resolved by drawing the outliner after setting the y
position, but that is not an ideal solution.
July 17, 2019, 16:21 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into soc-2019-outliner

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