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"Soc-2019-bevel-profiles" branch

Total commits : 117
Total committers : 1
First Commit : May 28, 2019
Latest Commit : September 14, 2019

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
September, 20195
August, 201934
July, 201931
June, 201942
May, 20195


AuthorNumber of Commits
Hans Goudey117

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September 14, 2019, 17:03 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into soc-2019-bevel-profiles
September 11, 2019, 17:44 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into soc-2019-bevel-profiles
September 11, 2019, 00:14 (GMT)
Fix unintentional differences with master from merge
September 10, 2019, 20:39 (GMT)
Fix build error: Update changed PointerRNA field
September 10, 2019, 01:15 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into soc-2019-bevel-profiles
August 17, 2019, 20:49 (GMT)
Cleanup: Comments and code, some variable names
August 17, 2019, 20:48 (GMT)
Profile Widget: Even length sampling option

Not compatible with !sample_straight_edges, but it's helpful
enought that it's worthwhile to include now.
August 15, 2019, 23:26 (GMT)
Bevel cleanup: Angle kind enum, var rename for readability
August 15, 2019, 23:25 (GMT)
Profile widget sampling bug fix, cleanup in file

- Extra samples are now correctly assigned to most curved edges.
- The first and last control points use their neighbor's handle type.
- Final cleanup and commenting of profile_widget.c
August 15, 2019, 15:39 (GMT)
Bevel Modal Keymap: Added Keys, reenabled custom status text

Added custom profile toggle and intersection method cycle
The custom status text shows the current state of the properties making
it necessary to enable it over the automatic one.
But it's getting far too long.
August 14, 2019, 22:33 (GMT)
Cleanup: Comments, formatting, TODOs
August 14, 2019, 21:13 (GMT)
Bevel Modifier: Separate Inner and Outer Miter Types

The inner miter shouldn't have a patch option so there are now two
separate enums for inner and outer. The bevel tool's RNA is already
like this.
August 14, 2019, 17:26 (GMT)
Bevel Tool UI: Offset field label uses offset type
August 14, 2019, 17:25 (GMT)
Profile Widget: New presets: Two mouldings, steps
August 12, 2019, 22:35 (GMT)
Bevel: Fix profile recalculation with new orientations
August 12, 2019, 21:31 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into soc-2019-bevel-profiles
August 12, 2019, 19:11 (GMT)
Bevel: Profile Orientation Regularization Fixed

The same fix (only setting the orientation of the left boundvert) also
applied for the original code, so there are now two working
implementations. Both are still in in case the second implementation
turns out to be faster for some reason.
August 12, 2019, 13:30 (GMT)
Bevel: New profile orientation regularization implementation

The new implementation has cleaner shorter code than the last. It's
recursive and it walks along edges rather then edge halves. It fails
at 4 way intersections but a single chain of beveled edges works better
than the last code which is still included in this commit behind an #if 0.
August 12, 2019, 13:25 (GMT)
Profile Widget: Remove extra unecessary RNA function
August 12, 2019, 13:25 (GMT)
Bevel Tool: Move three items in UI

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