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Total commits : 861
Total committers : 8
First Commit : February 12, 2021
Latest Commit : September 17, 2021 (Yesterday)

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DateNumber of Commits
September, 202198
August, 202178
July, 2021114
June, 202192
May, 202163
April, 2021202
March, 2021135
February, 202179


AuthorNumber of Commits
Sergey Sharybin567
Brecht Van Lommel273
Patrick Mours14
Thomas Dinges2
Sergey Sharybin1
Christophe Hery1
William Leeson1

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22 hours 47 min ago
Fix T91489: Cycles X crash when running with MESA_NO_ERROR
1 day and 2 hours ago
Fix crash in background rendering after recent clearing bugfix
1 day and 3 hours ago
Cleanup: clarify comment
1 day and 4 hours ago
Cycles X: Improve performance of transparent shadows with OptiX

This changes the shadow record-all any-hit program to accept all
hits (return without calling `optixIgnoreIntersection`) beyond
the furthest distance recorded after the maximum number of hits
that can be recorded was reached.
OptiX will not call the any-hit program anymore for hits beyond
the distance of the accepted hits and also reduces the current
ray length behind the scenes. As a result performance improves
drastically in scenes where shadow rays can hit a lot of
transparent objects, like the "koro" benchmark scene.

With this applied I now get similar performance with both CUDA
and OptiX in "koro". Not quite perfect yet, but much better than

Reviewed By: brecht

Differential Revision:
1 day and 6 hours ago
Fix Cycles X crash viewing render result prior rendering
1 day and 6 hours ago
Cycles X: Real memory saving when using tiled rendering

The general idea is to delay reading EXR files for until after all
view layers are rendered. Once they are all rendered, BlenderSession
frees up as much memory as possible, and initiates processing of the
on-disk files.

The processing includes reading the file, optional denoising of the
full frame (if the denoising is enabled), and writing the result via
the write callback.

The processing is done as a state-machine which routes specific calls
to a full-frame processing, which allows to re-use same tile write
callback in the software integration.

In order to be able to know which view layer and render view is being
written the API has been extended to write layer and view names. Done
via BufferParams, as layer and view concepts are quite typical for the
EXR files.

The BufferParams also contains all fields needed for buffers access
outside of the scene graph.

Differential Revision:
1 day and 7 hours ago
Fix wrong display when rendering multiple view layers in Cycles X

The issue was that the texture used by GPUDisplay was never cleared and
was only used for partial updates.

The actual reasoning of that is a bit more tricky than it looks on a
first glance since the GPUDisplay was re-created together with session
via session_reset so one would think it is weird to have a texture from
previous view layer to appear in the new GPUDisplay. Probably caused by
the fact that OpenGL is the same for all view layers, and texture ID is
happened to be the same.

Anyhow, the way texture is created is considered to have an undefined
behavior by the standard when is attempted to be used without explicit
data assignment.

This change makes it so new texture is always guaranteed to be zeroed
and that the GPU display is cleared when rendering multiple views from
within the same session.

The clearing is done by a GPUDisplay subclass, as the parent does not
know details of how to perform the zeroing. For the CPU the zeroing is
done on a mapped memory, as it makes it easy and does not require any
extra OpenGL requirements.

For the graphics interop things a bit more difficult as attempts to map
texture will make graphics interop to fail out (it really wants to be
an exclusive thing which takes care of the memory mapping). So for the
graphics interop clearing is done when memory is mapped by the interop

Differential Revision:
1 day and 7 hours ago
Fix persistent data not allowing to change sample count and time limit

The root cause was that `session->params` were never updated to the new

Made it so `session->reset()` will make sure the session is fully up to
date with the desired parameters.

Investigation by @dingto, code by self.

Differential Revision:
1 day and 7 hours ago
Fix pass accessor with 0 samples

Avoid division by zero when calculating scale, and avoid multiplication
by inf later on.

The pixel processing functions are changed so that they return fully
transparent pixel for pixels where number of samples is 0. This allows
to have matched behavior of non-finished tiles with master, without
relying on non-finite math.

The extra condition when calculating scale is inevitable, and hopefully
the pixel processing function's if statement gets folded into it as
well ()due to force-inline).

Differential Revision:
1 day and 7 hours ago
Fix race condition between draw and render threads

Caused crashes like the one William was fixing in the D12498, or the
crash when rendering multiple view layers.

Need to guarantee that the render engine is not freed during drawing,
and that the external engine is not in the middle of re-allocation due
to `update()` which might cause session reset (happens in Cycles).

Had to introduce a separate lock. The reason for this comes from the
fact that we need to acquire the engine early on in the draw manager,
and release it only when drawing is done. However, some other engines
(like overlay) might be requesting ImBuf for the image space, so that
they know dimensions. Such acquisition is guarded by the resultmutex.
This means reusing `resultmutex` for the `RenderEngine::draw()` would
cause a recursive lock.

Not entirely happy with implicit release in the external engine code,
but not sure there is an existing way of making it explicit without
introducing new draw engine callback.

Differential Revision:
1 day and 20 hours ago
Fix T91426: don't display outdated denoised result when increasing samples
1 day and 21 hours ago
Fix T91427: wrong display with adaptive sampling and pixel size

Need to use the appropriate resolution divider for postprocessing of such
1 day and 22 hours ago
Fix static initialization order crash with denoise parameters

Now that DenoiseParams is a Node, we can no longer create an instance of
it when defining the Integrator Node, since that might not have been
registered yet.
1 day and 22 hours ago
Fix T91441: bump node not working for shadow rays
1 day and 22 hours ago
Cycles X: set integrator state size relative to the number of GPU cores

More specifically, 16x the max number of threads on all multiprocessors,
with 1048576 minimum.

What this effectively does is double the state size on the very high end
GPUs like RTX A6000 and RTX 3080 while leaving the size unchanged for
others. On the RTX A6000 I there are 2-10% render time reductions on our
benchmark scenes. The biggest reduction is on the barbershop interior, as
scenes with more objects and shaders are more likely to benefit from
improved coherence.

This also adds an environment variable for developers to test different
sizes, and debug logging about the size and memory usage.

Reviewed By: sergey

Differential Revision:
September 16, 2021, 11:00 (GMT)
Fix invalid address error in Cycles X GPUDisplay update

Make sure no display update happens after full buffer was written.
Makes it possible to free memory used by path trace works without
causing issues.
September 16, 2021, 09:23 (GMT)
Cleanup: Naming
September 15, 2021, 18:33 (GMT)
Fix wrong render with portals and constant background color

Need to apply MIS weight also in that case.
September 15, 2021, 18:04 (GMT)
Fix missing mutex lock for viewport OpenGL context

A mistake in D12468: the viewport uses GHOST to operate on contexts,
bypassing draw manager state,

Differential Revision:
September 15, 2021, 17:52 (GMT)
Cleanup: Typo fix in a comment

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