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Revision caf58fe by Willian Padovani Germano (master)
December 9, 2008, 00:18 (GMT)
== Python Space Handlers ==

- Old feature request: now space handlers can report release events, too. For that a new space handler type was added, here's the header for it:


These scripts report both "presses and releases". For release events, Blender.eventValue is zero and == Blender.SpaceHandlers.VIEW3D_EVENT_RELEASE. Check the API_related bpy doc for more info.

- Bug fix: left mouse clicks could be reported twice.

Important: for both the feature and the fix, to make the code nicer and to let space handlers become available in more situations, I moved the check for space handlers in space.c. Now it happens before checks for grease pencil, sculpt and left/right mouse button swapping. If this causes any problem (it shouldn't), please report.

PS: Thanks to Steven Truppe, who asked for this and even sent me a patch, but to preserve compatibility with existing event space handler scripts I did things in a different way.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: caf58fe4b293d78a0625e3e64032ff3b9b8278c5
SVN Revision: 17750
Parent Commit: 2746034
Lines Changed: +73, -38

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