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Revision c5018c6 by Bastien Montagne (master)
August 24, 2015, 20:14 (GMT)
BLI_fileops: Some fixes and cleanup.

* Fix BLI_file_touch, used to add one dummy byte ((unsigned char)EOF) to empty files!
* Get rid of static global temp string in WIN32 area (very bad, and useless!).
* Get rid of paranoid NULL checks in WIN32's BLI_gzopen().
* Add non-relative filename asserts to WIN32 file operations too.
* ifdef-out BLI_move and BLI_create_symlink, unused (and the later is not even implemented for windows).

Partly based on patch and points raised by Jason Wilkins (jwilkins) in T32870, thanks!

Commit Details:

Full Hash: c5018c65b97c93810c7c90f5db11ae1cc10900f3
Parent Commit: e8a0478
Lines Changed: +45, -23

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