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July 10, 2019, 21:53 (GMT)
Refactor GHOST_XrContext into class + interface

Makes GHOST_Xr much more consistent with the rest of GHOST. Basically I
added a GHOST_IXrContext interface which can be called by the GHOST
C-API. The internal GHOST_XrContext class implements this.
Outside of GHOST only the opaque GHOST_XrContextHandle is accessible.

Kept GHOST_Xr_intern.h and GHOST_Xr.cpp for now. I'll probably remove
them soon. There's not much reason for both of them to be there.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: c1e9cf00ac0a6eb860dda22e3ca05d204c2759b3
Parent Commit: 84d609f
Lines Changed: +660, -456

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