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Revision a229a9d by Philipp Oeser (master)
September 18, 2021, 06:13 (GMT)
Fix T91461: Pose Library name filter not working

since `AssetHandle` does not have a `name_property`
(`RNA_def_struct_name_property`), and the UIList is just using the
default `uilist_filter_items_default` it simply cannot filter on names
(`RNA_struct_name_get_alloc` wont succeed).

Adding a name_property also wont work since `AssetHandle` inherits
`PropertyGroup` (which already sets name_property).

So this adds a (temporary) hack exception for RNA_AssetHandle in
uilist_filter_items_default until the design of `AssetHandle` progresses

thx @Severin for additional feedback

Maniphest Tasks: T91461

Differential Revision:

Commit Details:

Full Hash: a229a9dd64821575b27e6e6e317a1ce97e23f6d7
Parent Commit: 6cf734a
Lines Changed: +13, -1

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