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Revision 7475752 by Benoit Bolsee (decklink)
November 21, 2015, 17:26 (GMT)
BGE: bge.render.offScreenCreate() target argument to select Texture or RenderBuffer as render target.

fbo = bge.render.offScreenCreate(w,h,samples,target)
target = bge.render.RAS_OFS_RENDER_BUFFER: send render to RenderBuffers (compatible with MSAA on Intel GPU)
target = bge.render.RAS_OFS_RENDER_TEXTURE: send render to Texture (not compatible with MSAA on Intel GPU)

The default (RAS_OFS_RENDER_BUFFER) is preferable in all cases expect
if you need to access directly the texture for some applications.

The texture bind code is accessible with the new attribute color (fbo.color).
The attribute value is 0 if target is RAS_OFS_RENDER_BUFFER.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 74757522ba4accf82f4a6c08556d2e12de73a49a
Parent Commit: 2f1f59c
Lines Changed: +200, -53

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