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Revision 745aaf0 by Alexander Ewering (master)
November 13, 2006, 17:31 (GMT)

Tiny usability fix:

Until now, pressing ALT-A in a sequencer space without image preview was
pretty useless: It only showed an advancing green frame pointer :)

Now, if you press ALT-A over a sequencer space with strips, it will also
animate all sequence previews. So, no need to press SHIFT-ALT-A in that
situation anymore.

Of course, pressing ALT-A over a preview will still only play that preview.

Windows other than sequencer windows remain unaffected by this commit.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 745aaf01c61d04cc368f29db17e75a09c76c15d7
SVN Revision: 8860
Parent Commit: b771cd9
Lines Changed: +19, -8

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