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Revision 64c7bad by Joseph Eagar (temp_bmesh_multires)
October 17, 2020, 22:11 (GMT)
New branch to fix multires topology editing. WIP

* Brought back bmesh_mdisps_space_set, written from scratch using
subdiv api, not ccg.
* Wrote a function to smooth multigres grids from within bmesh. I might
not need it; unless anyone thinks of a use for it I'll go ahead and
delete it.

* Purge code of all usages of CCG for multires.

This commit:
* Wrote a utility function to dump multires displacements into a (new)
scene object.
* Consequently, I now know that the CCG_based multires code is not
compatible with the OpenSubdiv based code. The former produces gaps
between grids when converting displacements to object space.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 64c7bad391557b81070b112c33e22ae68b8697da
Parent Commit: 4659855
Lines Changed: +398, -144

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