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Revision 3be66f6 by Alexander Ewering (master)
April 4, 2006, 09:14 (GMT)

New option for convert-menu font->curve: "Curve (Single filling group)".

Since the text-object remake, it was not possible anymore to 'cut out'
text from, say, a box made by a polycurve, by converting text to curve
and then joining - only the first character would be cut out.

This is because of the filling groups (nu/dl->charidx)
I introduced for getting the vast speedup and the possibility
of overlapping characters.

The new convert menu option now assigns filling group 0 to all of
the nurbs generated.

Maybe filling groups should be exposed in the UI in general for curves -
there are various occasions where they are useful.

(Hint to the UI mafia! ;)

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 3be66f6d8ddf9e4661fb35530887f98536158241
SVN Revision: 7196
Parent Commit: b6c3f3f
Lines Changed: +38, -33

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