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Revision 0d814a2 by Alexander Gavrilov (smooth-fcurves)
August 20, 2017, 14:09 (GMT)
Make auto handle placement aware of cyclic extrapolation.

Cyclic extrapolation is implemented as an f-curve modifier, so this
technically violates abstraction separation and is something of a hack.
However without such behavior achieving smooth looping with cyclic
extrapolation is extremely cumbersome.

The new behavior is applied when the first modifier is Cyclic
extrapolation in Repeat or Repeat with Offset mode without
using influence, repeat count or range restrictions.

This change in behavior means that curve handles have to be updated
when the modifier is added, removed or its options change. Due to the
way code is structured, it seems it requires a helper link to the
containing curve from the modifier object.

Reviewers: aligorith

Differential Revision:

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 0d814a2e49197d50c1945ab994928a06b7bc3b78
Parent Commit: e27a59d
Lines Changed: +102, -29

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