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3 hours 52 min ago
UI: de-duplicate mask context menu

- Use the clip mask context menu for the image editor.
- Remove redundant CLIP_MT_mask_handle_type_menu.
- Remove "Add" items (was only in image mask context menu)
as the convention is not to include these in the context menu.
4 hours 9 min ago
Cleanup: move mask menu out of bl_operators

This file only defined a single mask menu, move the definition
along-side the other mask menus.
5 hours 1 min ago
Cleanup: remove redundant dynamic tool expansion

The tools passed to _tools_flatten, _tools_flatten_with_tool_index
already have dynamic tool items expanded, so there is no need to check
for callable tool items.
5 hours 47 min ago
Cleanup: pep8, unused vars, line length
6 hours 31 min ago
Cycles: Fix one-tile UDIM rendering

The code checked for the presence of more than one tile before
substituting the tile number into the filename, so if a one-tile
UDIM was used (or all but one tile were culled), the substitution
was skipped and as a result the file was not found.

With this change, the code explicitly tracks whether substitution
is required, avoiding this problem.

This also fixes another problem: The Environment texture never
does substitution since it doesn't support UDIMs, but before the
syncing code still inserted the placeholder into the filename if the
user selected a tiled background image.
6 hours 52 min ago
Cleanup: whitespace
6 hours 57 min ago
Cleanup: use static sets
14 hours 55 min ago
Industry Compat keymap: Fix paint mode context menus
1 day and 13 hours ago
UI: tweaks to the brush Stroke panel

- Make sure the spacing controls are together
- Add separators around the dash controls
1 day and 15 hours ago
UI: Brush Settings overhaul

This makes a number of changes to the tool settings brush UI:

- All brush-related controls are now grouped together, so you can see which items are brush settings are which are not. Previously it was all jumbled together.
- The brush picker is in a separate panel, so that you can switch brushes without worrying about the settings, or vice versa.
- Custom Icon settings moved from the Display settings(now known as Cursor) to the Brushes panel.
- UnifiedPaintSettings panels are removed and the contained options are now next to their relevant setting with a globe icon toggle. This is not displayed in the header.
- 2D Falloff and Absolute Jitter toggles were changed into enums, to make it clearer what happens when they are on or off.
- Adjust Strength for Spacing option was in the Options panel in some modes, but in the Stroke panel in others. It is now always under Stroke.
- Display (now Cursor) panel was reorganized, settings renamed.
- 2-option enums are annoying as a drop-down menu, so they are now drawn with expand=True.
- Smooth Stroke and Stabilizer options in grease pencil and other paint modes are now both called "Stabilize Stroke", for consistency and clarity.
- De-duplicated some drawing code between various painting modes' brush options. I tried to keep de-duplication reasonable and easy to follow.
- A few more tweaks - see D5928 for the extensive list.

Most of the patch is written by Demeter Dzadik, with some additions by myself

Differential Revision:
Reviewers: Pablo Dobarro, Bastien Montagne, Matias Mendiola
1 day and 17 hours ago
Industry Compat keymap: Add support for the context menu PC keyboard key
1 day and 17 hours ago
Industry Compat keymap: Fix issue in UV editor Box Select tool

Shift-dragging with the Box Select tool would also select the nearest point.

Using a Click instead of Press event for selection (just like the default keymap) fixes this.
1 day and 21 hours ago
USD: on Apple disable USD if library cannot be found

When building with `WITH_USD=ON` on Apple but the USD library cannot be
found, the CMake script now just sets `WITH_USD=OFF`.
December 14, 2019, 00:47 (GMT)
Fix T72412: Weld Modifier: Merged edges not displayed in wireframe
December 13, 2019, 20:35 (GMT)
Fix T72409: Remove references to Unified use_pressure_size and use_pressure_strength

This was causing errors to show in the terminal.

Reviewed By: campbellbarton

Maniphest Tasks: T72409

Differential Revision:
December 13, 2019, 17:59 (GMT)
USD: Simplified unit test and made it work on Windows as well
December 13, 2019, 17:59 (GMT)
USD: disabled unit test that fails on the buildbot

I can't fix this quickly right now, so I'd rather drop the entire test
for now.
December 13, 2019, 14:31 (GMT)
Image Editor: Increase size of Add Tile popup
December 13, 2019, 14:08 (GMT)
USD: more efficient mesh & curve writing

- The default value of USD attributes is now only set on the first sample.
Previously this was done for every sample (so the final default was the
last value, rather than the first value).
- More use of the sparse value writer, now also for UV coordinates, mesh
normals, and curve points.
December 13, 2019, 14:08 (GMT)
USD: Remove file created in unit test after the test is done

No functional changes in the USD exporter, just some cleanup code added
to the unit test.
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